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A message from Lee Kjos –

Tiffany Lakosky is one of my favorite people. Bar none, hands down, end of story. Love that girl. Given she’s a child of another generation we don’t talk as much as I’d like. We usually text.  She text me a couple weeks ago and said “Hey Lee, it’s Tiff. Can I call you?”


I didn’t need to hear the tone in her voice to know something was way wrong. The fact she wanted to talk on the phone said enough.


Heart in my throat, I rang Tiff back at her home in Iowa and heard the news that absolutely crushes the soul, ‘cause it’s one we all hear way too often these days: Cancer. At 42 years old. With a two-year old and a newborn girl.


There’s never anything easy to say back, so you just go quiet, stare at the ground and wonder for a second. The silence speaks enough.


It’s a lonely silence I’ve felt far too many times, given I lost my Mom to cancer 7 years ago.  I’ll soon lose my sister, who still maintains her happiness despite having recently gone terminal. Now it’s come for Tiff. Three of the sweetest women you’ll ever meet.  There’s no justice in that. None.


But there is hope. Tiffany’s a fighter, that we all know. She’s finishing her chemo and it’s working. Well. Mark my words, that girl’s gonna climb off the mountain in one piece, because there are kids at home and they need their Momma. So does Lee.


When I told Tiff “Whatever I can do to help,” I meant it. But she’s way to tough and midwestern and independent to ask for anything, so at Venor, we got to work and we’re beyond stoked to announce the Tiffany Lakosky “I am an elk.” legging.


The legging is available now, with every dime of profit going to charity. We’re not alone in this. Yeti’s in. Matthews Archery’s in. And there will be loads more, all of whom aren’t willing to let Tiffany Lakosky and the many before her fight this fight alone.
We hope you stand with us. For Tiff’s sake. For her family and for those we know still fighting a disease that makes no sense to anyone.


With love and so much respect,


your friend, Kjos.

Profits from these leggings will go to a Tiffany’s campaign – I AM AN ELK.
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