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The Merging of Beauty and Fit

Childhood Beginnings

The golden fields of Iowa is where she first carried a gun.  On a bitter November morning, her father sat back and watched as she ran after the dog hot on the trail of a wild pheasant.    Here she shared a first, many holidays, and then … a last.   On these sacred grounds she returned some twenty years later along side her dad, knowing there may not be day like this one.  She now walked much slower and embraced the colors of the bird in her hand, trying to smell every bit of fresh air as to bottle it for a lifetime.  Trying to preserve the memories, she cleaned and dried each pheasant pelt and worked endless hours creating art for the walls of the home she now raised her children in.  And although her father is no longer beside her,  each year during the holidays she takes out those same tail feathers and makes a tree topper in memory of where her passion for the outdoors was sparked.    The bird that represents the origin of her passion is now the origin of Kanati.
Guard the Memories #GuardTheHunt

Beauty Paired with Fit

Kanati is the combination of great artwork, a dose of passion and materials that far exceed all standards.   When you take the top artists and clothiers from around the country and combine them into the ultimate pant for gym to street, you have found Kanati.
Like your best friend.  Someday, worn and tired, but still loved.  Kanati is built to please.